3 seats are open at the Clandestine Round Table

Today is my birthday, and I want to give my subscribers a gift.

By way of celebration, Alicia and I are opening up three seats at The Clandestine Round Table.

I’m going to spare you the poetic pitch of what our secret (and free) facebook group can do, and share the following update from Mitch, one of our Knights (and Sorcerers Guild subscriber):


So, I put my notice in today at the day job. It was a noose around my neck, and truthfully, the extra cash from being one foot in both worlds was just showing up in Amazon boxes at my doorstep (my wife’s MAT leave has been profitable for one click checkout)

Thanks to this group for giving me some clarity. (Michael Gostelow and Alex Mullan were instrumental seeing what you’ve done yourselves)
Now the real (fun) work begins. 😁
I love being backed into a corner (it’s a weird trait).


Sooo, if quitting your soul-sucking day job to focus on building your ideal world sounds appealing, you’ve got 24 hours to take your seat at the Round Table.

Before I give you the link —

There are three questions you must answer before your application will be approved.

No answer, no seat.


Apply for your seat at the Round Table here:


Yours sorcerously,

Alexander Mullan

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