9 reasons why I believe you should travel

By the time to head home rolls around, I’ll often have come to the conclusion that I’m done with travelling, am sick of the instability, and won’t stray further than my favourite coffee shop for months.

Only to find myself 8-12 weeks later, once again, booking a ticket to parts unknown.

As much as I do love having stability, space and time to work on my business, and honing my writing, there’s no denying my love of travelling.

I’ll be the one of the first to admit it’s not for everyone, but it’s sure as shit for me, and the rest of this email contains a slew of reasons why I believe you should travel (at least once in your life).

And I’m not talking travelling within your own country.

While that’s all well and good, the real benefits of travel come from going places where you struggle to find any trace or semblance of your home turf.

Behold…a completely incomplete rest of subjective reasons why everyone should explore unfamiliar countries, cities, and cultures:

**Growth comes from thrusting yourself into unfamiliar environments (you never know what’s going to happen when you show up in a new country—especially one where you don’t speak the language and can’t read any signs)

**With time, you come to see the world through the eyes of a new culture (and if there’s one thing I know to be valuable, it’s shifting your perspective)

**You’ll gain a deeper level of appreciation for where you currently live (I wasn’t able to appreciate the town I grew up in—or it’s natural beauty—until I took off for a year and explored Eastern Canada, and the Dominican Republic). Either that or you’ll realize you truly hate where you live and never go back.

**When the simple things you take for granted, such as grocery shopping, using the metro, or ordering a meal are challenging, you find out who you really are (and you learn quickly)

**Travel opens you up to new experiences. And new experiences become stories for you to tell (everyone loves a good story)

**The food. Oh, the food.

**When you see how vast the world is, you realize just how small you are.

**You might find your new home, an environment that better serves you.

**Europe specifically has more history in one of it’s cities than Canada has in all it’s sticky, maple syrup-covered land (there’s so, so much out there to see)

There’s more…there’s always more, but this completely incomplete list will do for now.

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