A mystical mountain message

Greetings from the charming and chilly mountain(ish) town of Lake Tahoe, on the edge of California and Nevada.

After a quick 24 hours in San Francisco catching up with friends old and new, Alicia, her brother, and myself are taking the next 4-5 days to meander our way through the Californian wilderness up to Portland, Oregon before jumping on a train back to Vancouver.

One of the glorious benefits of writing my own paycheques is the ability to take trips like this on a whim without having to worry about asking for time off.

On the flip side, one of the drawbacks of being able to travel on a whim is the massive wrench it throws into my productivity and output.

For better or for worse, much of my mood and internal sense of peace is derived from my ability to create.

Plenty of creation and output = happy Alex

Limited or no creation and output = brooding Alex

Hence why I rattled off this email on my phone at 8pm last night during the final leg of our drive from San Fransisco to Lake Tahoe.

You see, when you’re chasing your missions and building your world, things aren’t always going to be ideal.

Plans will go wrong.

The unexpected will happen.

You’ll find external constraints placed on your time (rarely, if you’re playing your cards right).

Things will almost always take longer than anticipated (that tired quote about overestimating what you can do in a day and underestimating what you can do in a year is painfully on point).

Anyway, if you never shake up your environment, you miss out on new perspectives, experiences, and what’s often a treasure trove of ideas.

I certainly wouldn’t have thought of the theme for this email if I was at my go-to cafe in Vancouver during my usual working hours.

If you want to “make it” it in this entrepreneurial world, you’ve gotta be able to work around adversity, broken schedules, and shattered routines.

Thankfully, I don’t have a massive team to stay on top of, I keep my client projects to low quantity and high quality, and I own my marketing channel.

Meaning all I have to do is write a simple email each day, scan my inbox for anything pressing, and block off a few chunks of time to work on client projects.

It’s simple, low-stress, fun, delightfully freeing, and allows plenty of time to travel, wander, and explore (or do whatever you envision for your ideal world).

And if you know what to do, and which mistakes to avoid, it doesn’t take hours upon hours of work each day to set up.

To learn how to build such a business for yourself, check out my dusty scrolls:


Yours sorcerously,

Alexander Mullan

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