A Night at The Coachman Hotel

“They gave us chapstick!”

…hollered Alicia as we walked in the door of our digs for the night.

Lemme tell you about our stay at The Coachman Hotel in Lake Tahoe, and a few of the delightful marketing lessons I mined from our one night stand.

Right off the bat, The Coachman was unsuspecting-looking at first, and murdery at best.

Upon further inspection I decided that the hotel was once a dunghole—the kind of place you can rent a room by the hour with shag carpets that haven’t been vacuumed since the 1800’s—turned it into a hip and adorable mountain resort abode.

Hardwood countertops, USB ports galore, an outdoor fire pit, heated toilet seats, and the front desk even put out kits to make your own s’mores at night over communal fires.

As Alicia noted, they even left two tubes of chapstick on the nightstand (considering how dry your skin can get in the mountains, this was the crown jewel of lovely touches).

Our entire experience at The Coachman was sprinkled with unnecessary–but welcome and memorable–touches ANY business can do to generate rave reviews, create talking points around their offers, and add a delightful layer of uniqueness.

For proof, here I am writing an email about a hotel in Lake Tahoe that I imagine few—if any—of you will ever stay at.

But that’s not the point.

The point is study the effort The Coachman puts into make their guest experience one worth writing an email about, and impart a similar level of personal touch in your own products or services.

What’s your version of nighttime s’mores by the fire?

Or chapstick on the nightstand?

I’m going to devote a future to injecting your products, services, and businesses with uniqueness that makes your lighthouse stand out in the fog.

But until then…you’ll have to make do with what I’m cooking up next month for idea generation and offer creation.

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