A Post-Mortem

On the heels of launching Email Imagery 2.0, it’s time for a brief state of the union, or post-mortem if you will:

From here on out, Email Imagery 2.0 will only be available to members of the Sorcerers Guild.

And, I’m going to tell you why, because the reason for doing so is something you can apply to your business, and will help put many more clams in your pockets.

Think of what happens inside your head when you go out for a meal like sushi, and you’re faced with a 14-page menu with hundreds of choices.

It’s overwhelming, often to the point where you stop caring about what you end up with, and pick something out of frustration.

Contrast this with going to eat at a spot that has a tasting menu. They guide your dining experience through a specific sequence, each step meant to set your palate up for the next course.

In walking you through this sequence, it’s very clear (and logical) what your next step should be. If there’s one thing guaranteed to make people happy, it’s eliminating decision fatigue.

This is the principle I’m applying by protecting Email Imagery 2.0 for the eyes of Guild members.

Once you’re in the Guild, have access to the monthly trainings on email marketing, copywriting, persuasion, and how to tie it all together to create your best life, the next logical step is to invest in THE skillset which makes the gears spin.

As the kids on Twitter say these days, “there’s a lesson in there.”

Speaking of the Sorcerers Guild:

It’s coming next month.

I won’t say when exactly as I’m jumping on a plane in 10 days for a two-week secret mission through Barcelona, Valencia, Malaga (all in Spain), and Amsterdam. I’d like to launch it while I’m over yonder (would be fitting with the whole lifestyle design bit), but that somewhat hinges on how much paella and sangria Alicia and I get into. And you best believe there will be more intergalactic adventures in Amsterdam.

Along with the coming of the Guild, if you haven’t noticed, my emails have taken a deliberate shift over the past couple months. Specifically, from yapping about copywriting to a wider umbrella of email marketing, positioning, and for lack of a better way to put it, lifestyle design.

This is how things are going to remain from here on out, and I’m “rebranding” my website to speak the same language.

Over the past two and a half years of playing online business owner, I’ve realized many things.

Some of them being:

There’s more to life than lifting weights and counting fucking macros.

There’s more to life than living in a cave while you build your business.

There’s more to life than burying your nose in self-development books as you try to escape toxic relationships and fix your own shortcomings.

Like muscles in the body, all of these seemingly separate entities tie together to create who you are, your way of being.

I won’t pretend to have everything figured out, but I have figured pieces of it out.

Pieces which have allowed me to build a special life, a life I love, a life of freedom.

I see men in suits practically sprinting down the street in Vancouver. I have little doubt they make more money in a month than they know what to do with.

But they are not free.

They are prisoners to their cubicle.

Freedom does not come without having control over your thoughts, actions, decisions, and emotions.

Which IS something I’ve *apparently* got a solid grasp on.

And teaching you that control is the underlying theme moving forward.

If that’s up your alley, the Sorcerers Guild will have the actionable advice, steps, and accountability you need.

By this point you’ve seen the call to action a million times, but here it is again.

To add your name to Guild pre-sale list and access a slew of launch-related bonuses and special lifetime rate (will only be available for 24hrs), click the link below:


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_A. Mullan

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