Writer. Sorcerer. “Mostly” Human. M’name is Alexander Mullan.

I retired from my last “real job” in April 2016 to go all-in on my mission of building an online fitness business. As I chased that mission, I taught myself copywriting, direct response marketing, and persuasion; skills which now allow me to earn money from any point on the globe (so long as I can finagle a half-decent wifi connection).

In January 2018 I shut down my fitness business, and I now use the aforementioned skills to help my Sorcerers Guild Apprentices earn more money, more freedom, and more control over their life. Once more, I use those same skills to help my 7 and 8-figure email marketing clients increase their revenue via story & personality-based email marketing.

In short, I’m a former fitness guy (read: meathead) with a sorcerous skill for the art of written persuasion (copywriting), and ethical direct response marketing. These days I spend my time writing words, travelling, lifting the occasional weight, practicing yoga, exploring psychedelics, and sipping on more espresso than I probably should.

This is my ideal world.

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