Writer. Sorcerer. Mostly Human. M’name is Alexander Mullan.

I am many things, and I am nothing. But the first thing you should know about me is that I am NOT one of those 21st century digital nomad-type millennials. I give precisely zero fucks about $14 avocado toast, minimalism (ahem…don’t buy shit you don’t need), or driving a Prius to high-end boozy brunches.

I don’t dream of living in the lap of luxury, working from a tropical beach while filling my laptop with sand, and you won’t find me posting inspirational quotes on YouTube (try coffee, scenery, and the odd pic of my girl and I instead). Nor do I give a damn about hustling like Gary Vee, Vegas pool parties, or building a billion dollar empire (that sounds like a whole lotta headache to a guy like me).

If you wanna know which “things” I give a fuck about, it’s 1) being financially liquid 2) keeping a low profile and 3) living in a village by the sea.

Few are honest enough to admit this.

Welcome to my coffee-stained corner of the internet.

In 2016 I decided enough was enough.

Fed up with punching a clock and slinging Starbucks for nickels and dimes, fuelled by the knowledge of people I knew taking advantage of the internet to live life on their terms, I set out to claim my slice of the Freedom pie.

Fast forward to the moment you’re reading this: I’ve since been able to live in Canada, the U.S., Thailand, and Greece, travel to multiple cities in those countries as well as bum around in Mexico, the U.K., Spain, the Netherlands, and counting. I do what I want, when I want, with who I want…all while still cashing cheques and never having to book a return ticket until I’m ready.

Today, I’m here to teach you how to regain control, grasp Freedom, and live life on your terms.

Every single day I write an email telling stories, and giving instructions on building—as well as living—life on your terms. If you opt-in to receive my emails, you’ll receive the lessons and experiences I’ve learned from walking this path since 2016.

Including how to:

  • Build a business that creates new degrees of freedom in your life that allow you to live life entirely on your own terms (you can do whatever you want, whenever you want, with whomever you want – there are no rules, limits, or boundaries other than those you create for yourself)
  • Save money, time, and stress by soaking up the lessons I’ve learned, and avoiding the pitfalls, trials, and tribulations that it took me five years to learn (I’m not saying this will be easy…but it will absolutely be an easier, less painful time than what I went through to get to this level)
  • Leverage the power of email marketing to create a stress-free, location-independent, profitable business that grants you the freedom to do whatever the hell you want (at least if you apply what I share with you)

I’m going to open the door to having complete Freedom in your life—of location, finances, and your time—and I’m also going to give you the key. All you need to do is walk through.

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