Accessing your hidden marketing mind

Once you “unlock” your marketing mind, you begin to view the world a little differently…

Suddenly your favourite cafe doesn’t simply serve great coffee in a delightfully hipsterfied environment…

Coffee aside, you start to notice their upsell strategies, the customer experience the baristas are trained to implement, and clever product placement (you think it’s an accident you have stand in line next to the pastry case in most cafes?)

Another example:

There’s a clothing shop in here Vancouver that offers free sessions with their in-house stylist.

Which is a stroke of genius that rubs my marketing mind in all the right ways.

Check out this magic trick:

You get free help digging through all the clothing they have to offer, thus eliminating information overload and decision fatigue.

Then you have clothes expertly selected to complement your body by someone who does this for a living, and then you get to stare at yourself looking hot as hell in a perfectly pieced together outfit that’s made specifically for you.

After that, there’s not a chance in hell you’re going to head home without a new wardrobe.

The style consultation is their version of a lead magnet, and you’re immediately being up-sold to a hefty purchase.

On the surface it may sound like viewing the world through this lens turns everything into dollars, cents, and sales, but the reality is it tunes you into human behaviour, what makes us tick, and results in the world becoming a never-ending source of ideas (for example, this email exists because of my marketing mind picking up on these things).

If you’re building a business with something to sell, being able to access your hidden marketing mind is quite valuable.

You’ll learn mucho about how successful businesses stuff their pockets with profit.

About how to maximize each sale.

And how to create loyal customers with an ever-increasing lifetime value.

I won’t pretend to be the first to say this…but your best customers are the ones you’ve already sold to, and it’s MUCH easier to keep people coming back for more than it is to constantly be chasing down new ones.

And in this little online world, you don’t need a ton of customers to fund your worldbuilding adventures.

Especially if you focus on A) creating unique offers that genuinely solve one (or more) of the problems your market struggles with and B) making your customer journey a fucking delight, you’re going to be hard pressed to fail.

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