Alicia killed the Coffee Cartel

The Coffee Cartel hasn’t yet launched, and it’s already dead.

One of the many bright sides to creating your own products and services (not having to answer to anyone, the satisfaction of earning your own paycheque, and the security that comes from taking responsibility for every area of your life aside) is the fact that you can do whatever the hell you want, for better or for worse.

To that end, thanks to a stroke of genius from Alicia, the Coffee Cartel is dead.

Much like a phoenix rising from its smoky ashes, I’m proud to introduce you to the Sorcerers Guild.

Here’s a simple explanation for the name change (shamelessly copy and pasted from an email titled This email is about a Revolution):

“There’s been a theme throughout my entire life of things falling into place as intended, getting what I want, and making what I want to happen, happen. From the outside, so I’ve been told, it looks like sorcery. That’s a perspective I can understand, because that’s the only plausible answer when you lack that control and see someone else bending the world to their will, and taking no prisoners.”

Right down to its fabric, THIS is what the Sorcerers Guild (formerly the Coffee Cartel) is about.

Not breaking rules, but bending them to create your desired reality (much like Neo learns to do in The Matrix).

When a magician stands on stage, his goal is not to trick, hoodwink, or bamboozle you. His mission is to make you see what he wants you to see–not what is.

And that’s what my mission with the Sorcerers Guild print newsletter is.

To help you realize the absurd amount of control you possess, then guide you as a Sorcerer would his apprentice to live on your terms.

To be clear:

Nothing has changed about the deliverables, intent, or message behind the Coffee Cartel. Only the name, and the presentation are shifting.

The Revolution is coming precisely four weeks after relaunching my copywriting course, Email Imagery 2.0.

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_A. Mullan

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