AMA: today’s psychedelic adventure

I’ve written in the past on how my therapeutic use of certain drugs (MDMA, magic mushrooms, and marijuana). Drawing on my own experiences and those of many people in my circle, I believe these drugs have a lot of potential to help people—especially those suffering with depression, anxiety, PTSD, and the like.

In the Netherlands, Amsterdam has a liberal, safe, drug culture, where Alicia and I happen to be spending the final days of this European swing.

With that, it’s come time (today) to embark on another intergalactic (read: psychedelic) adventure, and spend some time sitting in the Heart of Stone, exploring the innards of my mind, beliefs, and relationships.

Obviously, I’m going to write about the experience.

In part because the only way to implement what you discover during such journeys is by writing out concrete action steps after the fact, and in part because the use and benefits of these drugs is a hill I’m willing to die on.

If my sharing these stories and experiences helps even one other person overcome deeply rooted issues, gain a better understanding of self, and improve their life, I’m a happy man.

So, to that, I’m opening the floor to you with any questions you might have about these powerful substances, my experiences, my approach, and the results I’ve had.

Simply reply to this email, ask me what’s on your mind, and I’ll answer your question when I’ve had time to process this particular experience.

Over to you…

_A. Mullan

Pstscrpt. I’m an open book on this subject, but I will NOT make specific recommendations, suggest doses, or tell you where you source anything. The reasons for that should be obvious.

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