An email about magic mushrooms and chasing squirrels

What follows is a tale of this past weekend’s intergalactic adventures with my Queen (Alicia), plus Round Table Knights Jorden and Michael.

The first adventure was fuelled by Molly (MDMA), which is an empthaogen. Meaning, it produces experiences of emotional communion, removes your ability to judge, and encourages you to speak openly, honestly, and from the heart.

However, I’m going to brush over the MDMA adventure with a few bullets, in part because Molly has the not-so-desirable effect of cloudy memories.

  • I infused Molly into each of us to cast a spell of bonding and kinship upon everyone.

  • Perhaps the most impactful breakthrough was the next morning when Jorden said to me that for the first time in his recent memory, he had no anxiety.

  • We spent time together as a group, and each of us spent time alone conversing with one another, the details of which shall remain private. Because what’s said behind doors between two people is not for me to share.

That’s the Molly…and now for the magic mushrooms.

To preface this, neither of these spells are foreign to me, mushrooms becoming something I’m building an intimate knowledge of. And I can say with confidence, for those who have never cast such spells, they’re not at all what you might expect.

Mushrooms have the particularly pleasant ability to unlock your mind, shift your perspective, and allow you to think differently about the name, way, and truth of things.

For me, this trip was the most “me” I’ve ever felt, and I’ve never felt so clear or in-tune with myself. Not when sober, and not on any past trip.

Mushrooms tend to promote a ton of thinking, and in the past it’s felt like a kaleidoscope of swirling thoughts, where you pluck one out, and focus on it briefly before it spirals off into the ether again. Holding onto one thought long enough to explore it with the attention it deserves can be a struggle.

I want you to keep that in mind as I share the rest of my experience, because what happened was quite the opposite.

Here we go…

To kick the trip off we all walked to a forested park. Once there we wandered, checked out the waterfalls, suspension bridge, and walked around in light conversation while chewing on the mushrooms and waiting for them to kick in.

As we headed home, I felt the early tendrils of psilocybin (the “magic” poison in mushrooms) snaking through me. Within minutes of walking in the door, I felt the intensity jump up a notch (the effects of mushrooms tend to come in waves. So, you’ll have a wave, plateau, wave up to a new intensity, plateau, rinse and repeat in relation to the dose you took). As soon as the first stronger wave hit, I felt an overwhelming urge to be alone, and to be outside.

If there’s one thing I’ve learned from past experiences with mushrooms, it’s that if you feel a specific urge or something simply feels “right,” you should follow that urge. Same goes for where you thoughts drift: if something keeps coming back, you’d be wise to hold onto it, and dive deep.

But I digress…and so without anyone noticing, I slipped outside and sat in the small garden at the front of the Castle. I watched the grass breath, move, and dance. I listened to the birds talking, and watched the sun find its way out from amongst the clouds.

As I sat, soaking in the fresh air, the nature, and the peace, I thought. As I thought, I became aware of the fact that my thoughts weren’t a kaleidoscope. I was lucid, absurdly so.

I’d think about a relationship, idea, or problem, and I’d come to the answer I needed within minutes.

Not only that, but each answer felt incredibly “right.” As if all I needed to do was focus my attention on a particular point, and the answer, solution, or idea I needed was there waiting.

I thought about the Sorcerers Guild, I thought about mushrooms themselves, I thought about Alicia, I thought about the Kingdom I’m building, and I thought about the people in my life, in my world.

As I thought about sorcery, worldbuilding, the language I’ve been weaving into my writing, and the theme underlying this community, nothing has ever felt so right, so me, and so natural.

My conclusion from this was that I need to triple down on the idea of building a Kingdom, and bake the theme into everything I do. In short, I was getting off from thinking about spells, sorcery, worldbuilding, being a King in a major way…as I shared with Alicia later on, “I fucking LOVE the idea of it all.”

I continued to sit in the sun, plotting, scheming, and pondering my delightfully clear thoughts, a grey squirrel with the bushiest tale I’ve ever done seen appeared atop a hedge, where it quickly scampered around the corner of the house. In that moment, the “right” thing to do was to follow it, and so I did (as one does when under the influence of mushrooms). I followed that first squirrel until I lost sight of it around the other side of the house. Once again, I stood still in the sun to think.

When all was said and done, I let 5 more squirrels lead me on a short, zig-zagging walk around the neighbourhood, and let them draw spells, plots, schemes, and ideas out of me. When each one would disappear, climb a tree, or go places only a squirrel can, I stopped, still, thinking about the names and meaning of things until the next squirrel showed up.

As I followed the squirrels, I continued to think, and I continued to dive deeper into the fabric of the world I’m building—the one you’re all a part of. I even went so far as to create a Fellowship, and applied titles to people in my inner circle. For example, Alicia became my Queen. My childhood friend Marcus, my Scholar. My barber Alexia, my Mystic (because every King needs a mystic). And so on…

Amongst it, I had some powerful perspective shifts.

None of which were actually new to me, but this was the first time they truly made sense, and I feel ready to act on them this time. Methinks these can also apply to YOU, if you’re ready.

1. Coming out of this experience, a pressing order of business is to shift my mindset from being paid for deliverables (AKA copywriting clients) to being paid for my output and ideas, such as The Sorcerers Guild newsletter. While there’s nothing wrong with doing work for others, I know it’s not for me in the long-term, and it does pull energy away from building the world I want.

2. I thought about money, a powerful tool, and how I use it. I realized that if I want to continue piecing together this world, this Kingdom, I need to shift my mindset from collecting cash to actively using money as a resource to pull the pieces together. This goes beyond paying bills and eating well. I’m in a position now where I can leverage what’s in my coffers to add new pieces to my Kingdom—which is something I’ll admit I haven’t been the best at doing. Now that changes.

3. Combined with the two shifts above, this one is going to be powerful…it’s time to start consciously ACTING like a King. I’m still mulling over exactly what this looks like, but it’s in the same vein as acting like the person you want to become.

With each of the shifts above, came specific actions, tasks, and ideas to implement. They aren’t relevant to this post, but you’ll likely see their effects trickle down in the months to come.

Lastly, I want to share the thoughts I had about mushrooms themselves.

Based on my experiences, I’ve come to see there are two unique types of mushrooms trips.

There’s The Thinking Trip, which is what I’ve described above. And there’s The Growing Trip, which takes you to a place which I’ve come to simply call The Place.

The Place is somewhere I’ve flirted with entering in past trips (3 or so years ago), but never truly entered. On each trip I’ve taken this year, I’ve hoped that I find my way to The Place.

But, here’s the thing about going to The Place.

It’s scary. You’re making a conscious decision to go somewhere where you have no idea what in the fuck you’re going to find. You’re truly turning your self, your mind, your consciousness over to the universe, and letting them have their way with you.

As I thought about the magic of mushrooms themselves, I realized the value in having Thinking Trips on a more regular basis, and on having Growing Trips to The Place infrequently.

You do not find The Place by accident, and you do not find it by tip-toeing around the dose you take.

For YEARS (even since before I chewed on my first mushroom), I’ve felt a desire to go to The Place, and it’s taken until now to figure out the truth of going there. I know what it takes, I know how to prepare, and I feel ready as one can to consciously tip themselves into the ether of the universe.

In ancient cultures and tribes, going to The Place (or their equivalent) was a rite of passage for their males to transition from boyhood to manhood.

I wouldn’t be fulfilling the role I’ve found as King, a leader, a sorcerer, if I didn’t go where few are willing to go.

And so, on Saturday I’m going to The Place. For experience, for growth, and to see what the hell is out there.


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