An Unfair Advantage case study

I jumped on the phone last week with hormonal optimization expert a mutual friend introduced me to.

His name is Daniel Kelly, a UK-based fitness coach who specializes in helping clients optimize their hormones, health, and longevity.

Looking to make a splash in the online fitness world, he came to for advice on how to stand out in a saturated market, and how he can differentiate himself.

Fitting, given how much I’ve been musing and chinwagging about the value of intimately knowing your unfair advantages and unfair positioning…then doubling down and leveraging them so you have no choice but to succeed.

Which is exactly the advice I gave to Daniel.

From what I gathered, nobody knows hormones like he does (how they function, how to optimize them, and how to work with the intricacies of different human bodies).

THIS, his skill to unfuck clients’ hormones is his unfair advantage, and as he starts to leverage his hormone optimization skills into his marketing, his messaging, and his services, he’s going to put himself in an unfair position to succeed.


Because nobody else is taking this angle, and nobody else is going to be able to get the results that he does (knowing how to manage hormones is key to making a physique transformation).

It would be silly of Daniel to ignore this HUGE point of differentiation in the marketplace that he owns.

As for you, start thinking of what skill, talent, or idiosyncrasy you possess which you can leverage to your unfair advantage.

Ask people close to you.

Brainstorm ideas in a notebook (writing things down and getting them out of your head always helps).

Dissect your past and look for areas where you’ve had higher and/or repeated success.

You’ll find what you’re looking for somewhere in there.

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