Baiting a giant Canadian

“What’s the worst that could happen…?”

I asked, baiting the giant Canadian on the other end of the phone, waiting for him to realize the answer that had been staring him in the face the entire time.

Yammering over the phone with Sorcerers Guild subscriber Gavin McHale a few days ago, we got to talking about a particularly annoying piece of resistance he’s facing in his business.

Namely, he told me he’s at a tipping point with two options before him:

1. Shift into maintenance mode, and choose to hover around his current income, workload, and lifestyle.

After spending the past few years working tirelessly to get into a position where he’s fortunate enough to have this option, it’s bloody enticing to kick back and coast on the fruits of his labours.

Option two being…

2. To take his current position and use it as a jumping off point to leap up to the next level, have a larger impact, and continue building his world.

And because of wanting to tip over the edge, he spoke the following:

“I’m scared of pissing people off. People like me don’t make multiple six-figures per year.”

A fear of success…

He know what he needs to do.

He knows what he wants to do.

And he knows what his world will look like on the other side.

But fear of his success pissing people off is was weighing him down like a cannonball strapped to his ankle, dragging him into the depths of Davy Jones’ locker.

I say was because after I asked, “what’s the worst that could happen,” Gavin realized the absolute worst that could happen is he chases growth, fails, and ends up right back where he is today.

Fear of success (or failure) can be enough to keep you rooted in one spot for the rest of your life if you don’t do anything about it.

But the worst that can happen is you end up right back where you are today.

And the best case scenario?

I’ll let your imagination take it from there…

And if you need a kick in the ass as Gavin did, check out my dusty Sorcerers Guild scrolls here:

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Alexander Mullan

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