Behold The Freedom Formula

If you wish to shed the shackles of geographic, time, and financial constraints in your life, there are a few non-negotiables you must live by:

1. Know your mission(s), and serve yourself daily reminders.

2. Walk boldly into that which scares you. Your fears are often what light the way forward.

3. Accept that whatever happens in your life is your fault, and you alone are responsible for handling it.

4. Hone your ability to take calculated risks. Focus on maximizing upside, and minimizing downside.

5. Take daily action toward each of your goals.

6. Be willing to turn down opportunities that don’t align with your mission. Know when to say “Fuck No.”

7. Drink espresso.

8. Be patient.

9. Invest in yourself: this includes your skillset, environment, health, and finances.

10. Know that there are no rules.

11. Harbour enough self-delusion to believe that you can achieve whatever it is that you want—but temper it so you’re not ruined by your own ego.

12. Make decisions that align with your missions, act, then figure out how to deal with the outcome (positive or negative).

13. Do the right thing.

This is the Freedom Formula.

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