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Write Subject Lines That Make Your Emails Irresistible To Open, Read, And Buy From

The Sultan of Subject Lines and Prince of Persuasion is dishing out 61 Dangerously Effective Drag & Drop Subject Lines Right Now

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More words of wisdom from my copy crush, the worlds most dead (and undeniably great) copywriter, Eugene Schwartz:=====“Copy itself cannot create desire for a product. It can only takes hopes, dreams, fears, and desires that already exist in the hearts of millions of people, and focus those already existing desires onto a particular product.”=====*mic drops*Here’s the Read More

As a writer and business owner, your mission is to use words to paint pictures in your readers head; adding bursts of flavour to vanilla facts, and creating an irresistible aura of excitement. This is simple to say and think about.The execution, however, is a different ball of wax.Instead of talking at your reader, you must meet them where they are.Connect with Read More

“You need to have a Facebook group because people want a community.”“Your prospects are already on Facebook…so you’re missing out on sales by not offering a private group.”“Facebook groups are a great value add.”Fuggem!If I hear any of the above ever again, I’m going to swell up in anaphylactic shock and burst into a billion Read More

Just stop it! I don’t know where the trend of closing emails (especially the first 1-2 emails in an autoresponder sequence) with “hit reply and tell me your biggest burning problem” originated… …but I do know it’s NOT an effective (in my experience) way to build a relationship with your subscribers, and in 13/10 email Read More

So goes the following question about how often to plug your righteous offer: ===== Our document* advises holding off on another ask until email 5….but some of your sequences have an ask in each email. What is your current thinking and why? *An email marketing guide I’m critiquing for a client. ===== There’s no such Read More