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Valencia, SpainTuesday, 10:33amStatus: unfortunately uncaffeinated===I haven’t travelled like this in a long time, and I’ve been reminded of why I prefer to stay in one spot for 7-10 days (rather than 2-4) before even thinking about moving on.Reason being?It’s much easier to get hold onto a semblance of routine and stability, which are essential for Read More

Today’s post comes to you from the semi-comfort of my AirBnB in Barcelona—where the AC helps keep things tolerable when sitting, but you burst into spontaneous bouts of sweat if you move too quickly on the way to the fridge to grab another litre of water to down.Last week I espoused my love of searching Read More

A cacophony of retching

The days before jumping on a plane bound for parts unknown make up some of my favourites.There’s nothing quite like wrapping up projects (or pretending to, at least), squeezing in a training session, and sipping on an espresso while knowing in 24-36 hours I’ll be “waking up” on the other side of the planet.Air travel Read More

My Great Icy Spheres

A few weeks ago after realizing how bloody hot it was getting in Vancouver, and realizing I didn’t own an ice cube tray. So I did what any young whippersnapper with expensive tastes would do. I went out and bought one of those fancy silicon molds that allows you to make great icy spheres to Read More

Way back when I thought throwing up a webpage would be enough to build a successful online fitness business, my initial motivation was to travel.I craved the digital nomad way of living.I wanted to write programs from the beaches of Hawaii.I relished the thought of helping people get jacked, shredded, and tan from cute, compact Read More