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Europe knows my name

Europe has called to me since I was a teenager, and I vowed—without knowing how it would be done—to find a way for it to become a regular part of my life. Coming up on my second trip across the pond this year, with a third already planned for year’s end, it’s taken over a Read More

There’s a particular yoga class I attend on Saturday afternoons.This “brand” of yoga is called Yin, which is a slow-paced, therapeutic style of yoga. Meaning, you get into into a given pose (or asana as they’re called), and sit in it for what feels like an eternity.Most asanas will be held for two, five, up Read More

A few days back Alicia was reading through a slew of emails I’d written before I scheduled them to send. She looked up from reading what I said about a) not caring that I’m “short” and b) having no desire to be “tall.” Why do you prefer being short? Truth be told, I couldn’t come Read More

Here’s a new concept for you: Back in ‘Meathead Mullan’s’ fitness coaching days, I spent A LOT of time trying to get clients to eat more protein.Even if you’re a whiz in the kitchen, eating enough protein each day to support your body’s needs can be a bore.Honestly, I only manage it myself these days Read More

Now and then I publish a half-baked thought as a tweet that for reasons I haven’t quite figured out, takes off.Here’s what went down this week…Scrolling through my timeline I came across the following tweet from @AJA_Cortes:===There’s no height requirement to having swagger, gentlemen You short guys who obsess over being short, you are writing Read More