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This is about MDMA

I’ve written without apology about my views on therapeutic, controlled use of psychedelic drugs (namely: magic mushrooms, MDMA, and marijuana) and shared a few of my experiences.Before going any further: this post is NOT an endorsement or suggestion to run around the streets looking for MDMA or to pop random pills without care. My only Read More

Less than a year into building my (now-retired) fitness business and the lifestyle I wanted, I had the nearly three-year-long relationship I was in pulled out from under me.This sent me on a quest for greater self-awareness, and to figure out simply how to be a better man. Lord knows I’d been doing a piss Read More


A few days ago I found myself embroiled in one of those bloody, but oh-so-satisfying wars with my skin, bursting blackheads and pimples.Pick!Pick!Pick!One blackhead was particularly ripe, and ended up “exploding” across the bathroom mirror.Oops.For whatever reason (likely sloth), I didn’t clean it up at the time. I mean, I had emails to write, and Read More

My good friend Michael and I got to talking the other day.===Michael: “Things are going very well actually. I feel like I’m on the cusp of another transitioning period of life (already!), and suspect Vancouver to be the catalyst for what comes next.”Me: “It’s funny how these periods shorten, and transitions speed up the closer Read More

The Revolution I’ve been yapping on about is coming. And for those curious, I’m going to be yapping about it in much more detail. In the final weeks leading up to the Sorcerers Guild newsletter launch, I’m going to be sending out weekly updates ONLY to the pre-sale list sharing: 1. The exact structure I’ll Read More