Building a business is a LEARNABLE skill

Here’s another gem from my coaching call with m’Lord Mike Samuels earlier this week.

After I asked:

“Do you think anyone can learn how to do what you and I do?

For example, I basically woke up one day in October 2015, whipped out my credit card to join the mastermind I’d been thinking about, and decided from that day forward that every single time the sun rose I was going to take action towards the business and life I wanted to build.

Ever since, I haven’t had a single issue “doing the work.” I don’t mean to say it was easy, but I never questioned my ability, what I was doing, or suffered from lack of discipline or motivation.

But what about the people who have been trying for YEARS to build their own business…but have made zero progress, buy all of the courses (implementing nothing), are sick of having to live with their parents, and have tried and failed so many times that they’ve destroyed their self-confidence?

Do you think this ability if you will is something you can teach to anyone? Or is it inborn?”

Mike answered with:

“I think learning what you need to do to build a business is a learnable skill. But as with most skills, it’s on a spectrum.

Sure, there are some people who are simply better suited to holding down a regular job, but for many it’s learnable.”

He’s right you know.

Marketing is a skill.

Copywriting is a skill.

Creating valuable products/services that solve a problem is a skill.

Even your ability to do work each day is a skill.

These skills are ALL available to learn (for most people).

The problem in doing so isn’t necessarily the information or your motivation.

Rather, it’s your past failures, tainted by shiny objects, collecting information (rather than invaluable insights), and the body blows to your self-confidence that come when things just don’t work.

I know I managed to avoid this trap myself by picking 1-2 people to learn from, ignoring everything and everyone else (no matter how smart I knew they were), and studying the hell out of my chosen resources.

This is the only way to ignore being distracted, jumping from idea to idea, and never sticking with any one thing long enough to make it work.

This is why I suggest Sorcerers Guild subscribers read each issue at least five times.

It’s the same reason why Round Table Knight & Sorcerers Guild subscriber Ben Driver said, and I quote:


“Focus and keep it simple. I’m leaving all current coaching groups and dropping out of most email lists to focus on my mission, The Clandestine Round Table and the Sorcerers Guild Newsletter.”


Because of that statement alone, I’ve got a pretty rosy feeling about Ben’s future…

To that, if you’ve liked my stuff enough to read my emails, doesn’t it make sense to do as Ben did, push everything else to the side, and go ALL IN on 1-2 resources?

If this mentality of studying, learning, and applying makes as much sense as it does to Ben and I, doesn’t it make sense to invest in THE resource which will help you build your ideal world while breaking through stubborn, self-sabotaging mental barriers?

Call me crazy…but I’d do like Ben did and subscribe to my dusty scrolls at the link below:

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