Casting Magic Spells of Manifestation

Less than a year into building my (now-retired) fitness business and the lifestyle I wanted, I had the nearly three-year-long relationship I was in pulled out from under me.

This sent me on a quest for greater self-awareness, and to figure out simply how to be a better man. Lord knows I’d been doing a piss poor job to that point.

As the writings of Mark Manson, Ryan Holiday, and Ben Settle pulled me down that rabbit hole, I decided to do what I’d been doing with for any missions I had in terms of business, my body, and my lifestyle. I wrote a note on my desktop so I’d see it multiple times each day:

I will find a blonde bombshell who lifts, challenges me, and is on a similar trajectory of growth.

At the time of writing, I was clueless as to the who, what, where, when, why, and how this would happen. Even so, I harboured enough self-delusion to know it would come to pass with time, as all things do.

I decided to take a different route than most.

Rather than spend my days swiping left and right or prowling the local bars at night, hoping I’d stumble into who I was looking for, a result of which was NOT within my control, I chose to focus on what I COULD control.

Which was soaking up the words and advice of the authors above, staying true to my other missions, actively working to improve myself each day, and practicing patience.

On top of it, I would read the note I’d written to myself (nearly) every day. Sometimes I even stared at it, wondering.

Everything I’ve just written—the reading, the notes, the active thought, and daily action…THAT is how you manifest what you want in your life.

NOT by doing rain dances, re-doing your vision board every two weeks, chanting, or snorting fairy dust.

You manifest what you want in your life by aligning yourself, applying positive actions towards what you want to “manifest” until it happens.

And, as discussed a few emails back, it will take as long as it takes, and it will take as much work as it takes.

How do I know this works?

Because that blonde bombshell who lifts, challenges me, and is flying along a similar path of growth is Alicia.

DM sliding turned into long Skype calls, which turned into a two-month leap of faith trip to Thailand (fun fact: we first met in-person on a quiet, dusty Thai road between our hotel and the airport), which turned into a rerouted layover in Atlanta to NYC which unexpectedly landed me on her doorstep at 4AM.

And here we are.

A dramatic example, perhaps. But an example of manifestation nonetheless.

It’s the exact same process I’ve applied to building my business, my lifestyle, and my physique.

Figure out what exactly you want (right down to the small details).

Determine which actions are most likely to get you closer to your desired result (in the case of the girl I wanted, it meant reading, writing, and actively working to improve myself each day).

Keep walking along the path, towards your mountain, until you wake up one day and realize you’ve manifested the fuck out of what you wanted (there’s a strong chance you won’t realize you’ve accomplished what you were after until it slaps you across the face).

Honestly, there isn’t any other way.

The neat thing about this not-so-woo-woo form of manifestation is that it’s replicable, reliable, and can be applied to all manner of goals.

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