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After battling with a decidedly absurd, ridiculous, and unwelcome fever the past few days, I’ve decided enough is enough, and I’m going to be back to normal.Which means today’s email is not from my feverish spirit, nor Alicia.It’s from Yours Sorcerously.And today I want to yammer about a question I posed to members of The Read More

Hi, this is Alicia. I’m writing this without permission while Alex is asleep. Alex very nearly failed at delivering an email to your inbox this morning. He’s passed out on the couch where he’s been for the last 4+ hours, sweating out a fever. While it would not have been a massive failure, it would Read More

Here’s a Sunday morning tale for your elixir and potion sipping pleasure:Way back yonder when I decided to take a second stab at building an online fitness business, I went into it being well aware of the one thing I’d missed the first time around.It was the one thing that made the difference between having Read More

Creating an offer your chosen market is happy to whip out their credit cards for is both as simple and as challenging as it sounds. Which is where the importance of knowing your market comes into play. Beeecaaauuuseee…The better you know your market, the better a solution you’ll be able to create.The better a solution Read More

Once you “unlock” your marketing mind, you begin to view the world a little differently… Suddenly your favourite cafe doesn’t simply serve great coffee in a delightfully hipsterfied environment… Coffee aside, you start to notice their upsell strategies, the customer experience the baristas are trained to implement, and clever product placement (you think it’s an Read More