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There is NO Mastery

Laughing into the phone, in between chuckles I said…“There’s an email in there somewhere…”Here’s that email:Mike Samuels, the world’s most British copywriter, and I were sipping our respective potions and hashing out the product launch webinar I’m putting together when we got to talking about each of our upcoming travel plans.He to Spain, where I Read More

Lucky number 13

Sorry Mom, I got a new tattoo last week. This particular piece makes for my 14th piece of ink. Check it out…   In time, I’m going to write about the meaning inlaid into each piece I’ve acquired over the past 6 years. For now, this one being fresh in my mind and body, today Read More

Future Sorcerers Guild Apprentice and fantasy obsessed copywriter Tyler Freeman sends me a dusty scroll of his own: === Hey Alex, First of all, love the daily emails. This list was the perfect find for a fantasy-obsessed copywriter like myself. Second, when do you send your newsletter to the printer? I’m interested in subscribing in Read More

For someone marching against the grain, and working towards building your business, your freedom, and your life, one of the most valuable skills you can develop is the ability to strip away and leave behind what’s not working. This is challenging because us weird humans tend to become unreasonably married to our ideas, regardless of Read More

Baiting a giant Canadian

“What’s the worst that could happen…?” I asked, baiting the giant Canadian on the other end of the phone, waiting for him to realize the answer that had been staring him in the face the entire time. Yammering over the phone with Sorcerers Guild subscriber Gavin McHale a few days ago, we got to talking Read More