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Great ideas are NOT something reserved for the genetically elite, superhumans, or Elon Musks of the world. No, the ability to generate great ideas is both a skill, and a habit. Meaning, the fine and whimsical art of generating ideas is both something you can develop, become better at, and implement into your way of Read more

“Asterix, I have a plan!” “That’s our strong point, Getafix. We’re bursting with ideas!” Earlier this week I woke up, watered and caffeinated myself, grabbed my laptop to knock out some edits on a sales scroll I’m working on…and realized all I wanted to do was sip from my Sorcerers Guild mug and read my Read more

Another unsubscribe……and another…oh, there’s another lowly peasant gone…I’ve had an inordinate amount of unsubscribes over the past few days.And it’s been making me bloody joyous.Here’s why:In the marketing world, the WORST thing you can do is have your audience be ambivalent to your message.It’s like being put in the business friend zone.You’re never going to Read more

“I did my finances this morning, and I had the best month ever since I left training at a gym in 2016.” “My next 4 week block for my online clients starts next week and I have 17 signed up (this was 0 when I joined the Round Table)…” The quotes above came from Sorcerers Read more

“The more I read of the Guild newsletter and immerse myself in fiction, the more I understand worldbuilding…” …proclaimed Sorcerers Guild apprentice, Ben Driver.Worldbuilding is the process of creating an imaginary world, associated with a whole fictional universe, and is the foundation for much of what you consume (whether you realize it or not).Think of Read more