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When was the last time you had a great idea? I’m talking aboot the kind of idea that makes you drop your mug of magic potion as you make a mad dash for your parchment to hastily jot down your brain fart before it vanishes into the ether… You know, the class of ideas you Read More

“If they’re so good at business, why not blow their own business up by scaling, improving, and implementing more products and services?” I stopped my mindless Fakebook scrolling to read the above comment and thread in its entirety…This comment rankled me largely because it’s a question that hasn’t been far from my mind since I Read More

Picture a giant, scaly, fire-breathing dragon… Each time you have a feeling related to something you want to change, don’t have, or can’t stand in your life, that scaly bastard roasts you with all his fiery might. Maybe that feeling is… …your dickhead boss busting your balls about closing that sale, a lack of pens Read More

If you’ve got so much as a drop of worldbuilding blood running through your veins, you’ll understand what I’m about to say…When you’re creating your own offers, working towards your missions, and building your ideal world, the temptation to completely throw yourself into the work all day, every day is real.Especially in a culture where Read More

“You would have enjoyed the gyoza with or without this story, but you will enjoy it more because of this story.” A couple nights ago Alicia and I found a little hole-in-the-wall gyoza spot, and sat down to fill our bellies with delicious pork and cabbage-stuffed dumplings.On the back of their menu, this little dumpling Read More