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Email is like social media in that it typically acts as a highlight reel, glossing over one’s failures, the shit-soaked end of the stick, and all the fuckity fuck fuck problems.Thing is, you and I don’t learn jack from our successes. As humans, we learn best from our failures, facing the things we suck at Read More

Easing Paul’s concerns

Paul, a prospective Sorcerers Guild member, raises a valid point YOU should consider if you’re on the fence about joining: === “So, my fears are that first, I currently do not have a clear direction of any sort on how to build my own freedom.” === If you’re at the point where you know you Read More

The Tao of Avicii

“Try to figure out what you’re most passionate about in life and what you’re good at. And [find] the mixture between those two…and then you should give it your all, all the time.”— AviciiLately I’ve been jamming to Avicii A LOT while training, writing, and cooking.Any chance I get to pump some of his music Read More

Suffering is optional

Pain does not equal suffering. Over the course of your life, you’re going to experience pain. Pain is (usually) emotional, physical, and mental. It will be of varying intensity and levels of “fuckity fuck fuck this shit.” Building a business is painful when you can’t seem to gain any momentum or find so much as Read More

Here’s another gem from my coaching call with m’Lord Mike Samuels earlier this week. After I asked: “Do you think anyone can learn how to do what you and I do? For example, I basically woke up one day in October 2015, whipped out my credit card to join the mastermind I’d been thinking about Read More