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Snorting with amusement, I asked…“Did you just Google Tony Robbins’ shovel hands?”From the mouth of Mike Samuels, the world’s most British copywriter came the answer…“…Yes, yes I did.”Earlier this week Mike and I were on the phone, sipping our respective coffees, blathering on about copy, and hammering out the framework for the next level of Read more

Long-time email subscriber and freshly minted Sorcerers Guild member Christopher Slatter dug up an old email from my fitness days.The email he found was one I wrote a year ago about a man named James, a fellow lifter, and my occasional training partner.>> Here’s the gist of this “lost” email: ===“James is blind to his Read more

If you sell (or want to sell) ANYTHING online this is one of the most valuable emails I’ve ever written…Between being involved with launches for affiliates, partnerships, copywriting clients, and products/services of my own creation, I’ve had my hand in well over a dozen product launches during the past 16-18 months alone.As one does when Read more

First of all, welcome to everyone who joined the Sorcerers Guild over the past few days. I’ve been receiving messages like so all weekend:   It boggles my mind that so many of you are excited to read what rattles out of my brain each month, and to be allowed to guide your Sorcerous quests Read more

You may or may not have gathered this by now, but I’m a BIG believer in learning from people who have achieved what you want to achieve, investing in your skillset, development, and business, and finding people who will tear your ideas apart with the savagery of a livid, virtue-signalling mob. While many like to Read more