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Inconsistency is one of the worst human traits, is completely unfit for all wizards, witches, sorcerers, and is detrimental to your worldbuilding adventures.Nobody likes inconsistency.Nobody likes a flake.Nobody likes broken promises.Least of all the people who struggle most with being consistent.And if you think people don’t notice broken promises, flakiness, and inconsistency…they do.Even if it is Read More

“He’s gonna get cold!” …yelped Alicia as his shrunken wizard’s hat tumbled to the ground. Today’s email brings a change of pace from my usual mutterings and musings on marketing, mindset, persuasion, assorted spells & wizardry… Instead, I want to yap about a bunch of nuts I found while getting weird in the California Redwoods Read More

“They gave us chapstick!” …hollered Alicia as we walked in the door of our digs for the night. Lemme tell you about our stay at The Coachman Hotel in Lake Tahoe, and a few of the delightful marketing lessons I mined from our one night stand. Right off the bat, The Coachman was unsuspecting-looking at Read More

Time for a little money talk: Over the past four months or so I’ve been thinking a lot about money, and what exactly it is. After chewing on a few mushrooms, and consciously taking time to introspect, I’ve shaped my own perspective of money to be that of a tool, rather than something to simply Read More

I’ve always loathed the term entrepreneur.Maybe it’s all the GaryVee videos I used to watch, sucking up 30+ minutes of my time each day.(Ironically, the BEST piece advice I ever took from Lord of the Hustle was “stop watching my shit and go do something.” That struck me like a mighty swing of Thor’s hammer Read More