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I’m back at Starbucks

Much to my chagrin, I’m writing today’s email in a dinky little Starbucks while sipping on grapefruit flavoured sparkling water. For the sake of convenience, it was a whole lot easier to post up here for a couple hours than waste time wandering around looking for a reliable internet connection. Soaking in the smells of Read More

“You think you can do it yourself…but you can’t!”…Jerry Seinfeld joked into his mic before pausing to grab a sip of his Voss water.For my birthday last month, Alicia bought us tickets to see the world’s greatest comedian Jerry Seinfeld when he brought his undying act through Vancouver.As if there was ever any doubt, Jerry Read More

Greetings from the charming and chilly mountain(ish) town of Lake Tahoe, on the edge of California and Nevada. After a quick 24 hours in San Francisco catching up with friends old and new, Alicia, her brother, and myself are taking the next 4-5 days to meander our way through the Californian wilderness up to Portland Read More

What began with a small innocuous tattoo on my wrist six years ago has evolved into what’s gradually becoming a unique, special, and delightfully colourful piece of art. In chronological order we have a: — Testosterone molecule — Anatomical skull with “ars longa, vita brevis” inscribed around it — Semi-colon — Small fleet of ships Read More

Toooodaaaay I wanna yammer on about a ghoulish boogeyman that afflicts every single one of us. To some it’s debilitating, and to some it’s easily brushed aside. But that don’t change the truth of the matter… And the truth is that STRESS is a monstrous boogeyman which wriggles it’s way into all of our lives Read More