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Making your first batch of moula and beginning to walk towards the First Level of Freedom (Guild subscribers, y’know what I’m talking about) is NOT as hard as you think.And you certainly don’t need so much as a fifth of what most people doling out business advice will tell you.To that, here’s a completely incomplete Read more

Yesterday was my first “proper” day back to work in a week.For the first time in roughly three years, I told myself I was going to take time off and actually followed through.Every email you read from September 19th through the 25th was written, edited, and scheduled in advance (such is the luxury of having Read more

What follows is a tale of this past weekend’s intergalactic adventures with my Queen (Alicia), plus Round Table Knights Jorden and Michael. The first adventure was fuelled by Molly (MDMA), which is an empthaogen. Meaning, it produces experiences of emotional communion, removes your ability to judge, and encourages you to speak openly, honestly, and from Read more

I’ve always hated the idea of writing birthday articles, posts, and emails sharing “XX lessons learned in XX years.” In part because everyone does it, and in part because most of those lessons probably came to you in the past six to twelve months. So, Monday having been my birthday, I’m going to pass along Read more

Have you ever intentionally backed yourself into a corner? Put your back up against the wall, leaving yourself no choice but to fight and figure out how to make things work? Unless you’re one in a million, you’re *probably* going to have to walk through your own version of this on your quest for Freedom Read more