Chewing on your soul protein

Here’s a new concept for you:

Back in ‘Meathead Mullan’s’ fitness coaching days, I spent A LOT of time trying to get clients to eat more protein.

Even if you’re a whiz in the kitchen, eating enough protein each day to support your body’s needs can be a bore.

Honestly, I only manage it myself these days through sheer stubbornness, a resurgence in my love for cooking, and because I know how shitty my body feels if I don’t get enough of that there good stuff.

Showing clients the value of adequate protein intake was often a tough battle because, well, in comparison to fats and carbs, protein ain’t that exciting.

It’s much more *gratifying* and *fucking delicious* to fill your boots with fatty, sugar-laden foods than another piece of chicken breast.

The unfortunate, undeniable truth being that protein is literally the only nutrient your body needs each day to function optimally.

You can get away without carbs or fat, but lack of protein will cause your body to crumble from the inside out.

Your life, your business, your relationships, your soul, and your way of being operates in a similar fashion.

It’s more *gratifying* and *satisfying* to binge on Netflix rather than practice learning a valuable skill like copywriting, at least in the short term.

It’s easier to avoid having the tough conversations in your relationships (romantic and otherwise) than it is to go through the trials, distress, and frayed nerves of having the heart-to-heart conversations which will ultimately lead to MUCH better relationships. (Real talk: the amount of uncomfortable conversations Alicia and I have forced ourselves to have is inversely proportionate to the rate we’ve grown as a team.)

In business, the day I wrote this email for example, when I woke up, I wanted nothing more than to toss my laptop into traffic, brew a few AeroPresses worth of coffee, get stoned as a goat, and read books + nap all day.

That would have been the *easy* and *hedonic* and *instantly gratifying* route.

Instead, I wrote this email (along with four others), a batch of client emails, a testimonial for a mentor, and scheduled a tattoo consult for the next stage of my sleeve.

All these short-term actions and decisions that do sweet creamy fuck-all to move you ahead are the “life” equivalent of not eating your protein, and stuffing yourself with ice cream, bread, and sour patch kids.

In the context of fitness, one path lends itself to a lean, muscular, strong physique, while the other tends to lead to an avalanche of jiggly fat.

In the context of you, one path tends to lead to trading away your freedom for pennies on the dollar, toxic relationships, no sense of purpose, and a spiralling cascade of mental health issues.

The thought, decision, and ensuing action to do the hard things which will move you forward is something I’ve taken to calling “soul protein.”

Yeah, it ain’t as instantly *pleasurable* or *gratifying* or *indulgent* but if you don’t chew on your soul protein each day, you’re going to wake up one day without a soul to stand on.

And that’s not a life I want for you.

Alright, here’s the punchline:

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