Cold shower absurdity

If I hear of one more person touting cold showers as the secret to success, I’m going to run around downtown Vancouver beating people over the head with loaves of buttered sourdough bread and hurling British obscenities at the seagulls.

The notion that cold showers (or mindlessly swiping your favourite gurus morning routine) is the secret to your success is utterly absurd.

I won’t stand for it.

If you’re digging in the weeds believing the key to success lies in what someone else does (whose life likely bares little resemblance to yours) in the morning, you’re not only missing the forest for the trees…but you’re missing the trees because you’re looking for them in the middle of the Pacific Ocean.

Just stop it.

Keep your shit simple.

For example, here’s my not-at-all classified (yet highly effective and dead-simple) morning routine:

1. Wake up + kiss my girl

2. Walk and high-five dog

3. Take an anything-but-cold shower

4. Eat fruit, yogurt, sourdough, and souls

5. Hightail it to my favourite cafe for espresso

6. Crack open my laptop and focus on high ROI tasks (writing these here emails, product creation, client work, brewing magic potions, and casting spells)

There is absolutley zero magic to this routine…EXCEPT…

It’s simple, unforgettable, replicable wherever I am in the world, and nobody can fuck with it.

More simplicity, less complexity.

Then do the simple things better than anyone else.

It really IS that simple.

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