Conquering your biggest worldbuilding roadblock

“The more I read of the Guild newsletter and immerse myself in fiction, the more I understand worldbuilding…”

…proclaimed Sorcerers Guild apprentice, Ben Driver.

Worldbuilding is the process of creating an imaginary world, associated with a whole fictional universe, and is the foundation for much of what you consume (whether you realize it or not).

Think of all the stories you read, hear, and watch during the course of your life…

All the books, movies, and tales told gathered ’round a campfire…

These are all examples of worldbuilding.

Even the books and movies rooted in “true” stories tap into worldbuilding.

And the stories who best utilize worldbuilding are the ones that break records, capture hearts, and work their way into the zeitgeist.

Well-written fantasy books in particular are an excellent example of worldbuilding because they literally immerse you into a completely constructed world.

Lord of the Rings…

Harry Potter…

Game of Thrones…

Name of the Wind…

And my latest find, Foundryside,..

They ALL have characters, locations, events, histories, financial systems, politics, laws, etc, which are completely fabricated, and unique to their world.

From a writing standpoint, I’m continuously blown away by the talent, skill, and attention to detail that authors ingrain into their stories.

While worldbuilding typically refers to fictional work, it’s a principle I’ve taken and am applying to my own life (as have all Sorcerers Guild and/or Clandestine Round Table members).

When you begin to look at your own life through a fictional lens, you begin to see yourself as the author, and that YOU have the ability to write your own tale.

Which, if you go deep enough, is where the root of my message lies:

Helping y’all realize you have the power and control to write the coming chapters of your life to your design.

But I digress…

Your life is only limited by your imagination, and the artificial constraints you place on it for yourself.

To be clear, that doesn’t mean you can do anything you want at the drop of a hat. In many cases you’re going to have to put in a ton of work to turn your ideas, plots, and schemes into a reality.

What I do mean is that you possess the ability to do whatever the fuck you want.

You want to build an online business so you can flip off your dickhead boss, walk out the door, and be able to support your family?

You can.

Tired of drowning yourself in work for others, while your own projects sit around collecting dust?

It doesn’t have to be that way.

Decided you’re fed up with where you live and want to begin anew on the other side of the world?

You’re the only one stopping yourself from doing so.

I could go on and on and on with examples…but the message reminds the same:

Whatever you can envision, you can create, and you can build.

Typically not overnight or by next week, but if formulate a plan, focus on HIGH ROI actions, and keep showing up…you’re gonna get there.

As a worldbuilder, this is what you DO.

You take your ideas, your wildest dreams, your craziest imaginations…and you figure out how to turn them into a reality.

This is the lens I, and all my Apprentices inside The Sorcerers Guild use to look upon our worlds.


One of the most painful worldbuilding roadblocks I see would-be worldbuilders struggling with is generating ideas, and then acting on them.

Ideas for content, for unique products, for standout services, and in many cases…even for what they want their life to look like.

If you struggle for ideas, you’re going to struggle to build your ideal world.


Not-at-all coincidentally the coming issue of The Sorcerers Guild paper & ink newsletter is dedicated to breaking down my sorcerous ideation process, and ripping it open for all subscribers to see, study, model, and implement for their own worldbuilding adventures.

Amongst the mystical mutterings, you’ll learn:

— My whimsical wizarding process for generating ideas (most are junk, a few are solid, and there’s always 1-2 that make all the thinking worthwhile)

— A “village idiot-proof” method for testing and validating your ideas before you create a single thing

— My creation serum recipe: my secret weapon for never running out of ideas for what to write about

And that’s just the first stir of the cauldron…

To get your name on the list before I send this issue to my scribe, you can join The Sorcerers Guild and conquer your worldbuilding stumbling blocks here:

Yours sorcerously,

Alexander Mullan

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