Consistency is a Minority Behaviour

Inconsistency is one of the worst human traits, is completely unfit for all wizards, witches, sorcerers, and is detrimental to your worldbuilding adventures.

Nobody likes inconsistency.

Nobody likes a flake.

Nobody likes broken promises.

Least of all the people who struggle most with being consistent.

And if you think people don’t notice broken promises, flakiness, and inconsistency…they do.

Even if it is a subconscious realization.

When you’re labelled as inconsistent—or feed yourself the story that your are an inconsistent human—people will tune you out…which is a death blow to your business.

(Without attention and interest, you’ve got no hope of making sales)

Take, for example, this free email list of mine.

I email you every single day, without fail.

Over the two-and-a-half years I’ve been writing emails for two two different businesses, I can count on a few fingers the number of emails I’ve missed (all early on), and I took one 13-day break back in May of this year as I came to grips with pivoting into The Sorcerers Guild (which I announced and explained at length).

Such consistency has a few delightful benefits…

— To my most loyal readers—those who read every email without fail—my subject lines don’t matter.

When my email shows up at approximately 6:31am PST, it gets read.

When my emails get read, my offer (The Sorcerers Guild) is presented in an enjoyable, valuable, no-pressure way.

Which only does good things for bond building, attention, and sales.

The trait of consistency has a strange penchant for delivering desirable results. As your results stack up, your momentum builds, and you create a positive feedback loop of:

consistency –> results –> momentum –> repeat

Ya can’t lose!

— Being consistent is absolutely a minority behaviour, and is a massive, unfair advantage for you (if you can develop this trait)

Embodying and living the simple trait of ruthless consistency will set you apart from the crowd.

And in today’s ever more crowded marketplace, being consistent is a simple, powerful way to differentiate yourself.

A massive piece of building an unfuckwithable mindset is doing what you can to create unfair advantages for yourself. In doing so, you all but eliminate your competition.

— When you’re consistent in one area of your life, it will bleed into other areas.

For me, it all started with fitness (which is why I’ve come to call fitness “the gateway drug to the rest of your life”).

From the outset I understood that if I wanted to build a rhino-jacked and dick-skin shredded physique, I’d have to be ruthlessly consistent with my training, nutrition, and recovery (okay, I didn’t figure out this last one for years).

As the months turned into years of consistent, diligent lifting, the same mindset and way of being I used to get bigger, stronger, and leaner began to bleed into other areas of my life.

Writing an email to talk to my list each day was a breeze.

Pumping out 10-12 fitness articles was a walk in the park because I was operating by deeply rooted principles.

Showing up in my relationships each day is just something I do now.

As for the results from this ruthless consistency?

I think you know by now…

As you ingrain consistency into your marketing, mindset, and worldbuilding adventures, it will quite literally change your life.

If you read these emails and/or are an esteemed member of The Sorcerers Guild, the absolute BEST thing you can do for yourself is drink an “absorb” potion before reading, and then cast an “ruthless consistency” spell as you apply the information.

The things I teach in these emails, and inside my dusty scrolls are rooted in timeless principles—not flash-in-the-pan tactics—and only work for those who are consistent in their beliefs and actions.

And because of the power of consistency, inconsistency is simply incompatible with the spells I teach inside my dusty scrolls.

Honestly, there isn’t any other way to build the world you want.

Without consistency, your worldbuilding efforts will fail.

A harsh truth?


But the truth(s) you need to hear most often make for a bitter pill to swallow.


I have a way out…a way to ingrain consistency as a habit in your world.

And it’s something I’m going to share with Sorcerers Guild members.

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Yours sorcerously,

Alexander Mullan

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