Controlling your D. A. T. E.

Now and then I publish a half-baked thought as a tweet that for reasons I haven’t quite figured out, takes off.

Here’s what went down this week…

Scrolling through my timeline I came across the following tweet from @AJA_Cortes:


There’s no height requirement to having swagger, gentlemen

You short guys who obsess over being short, you are writing your own script to fail

Life is a confidence game

Unfuck yourselves


This caught me off guard, and not because of the direct call to “unfuck yourselves.”

Quick to the draw, I quoted the above tweet with my thoughts on the matter:


Is this seriously an issue for people?

I’ve been short (5’6) my entire life–if anything, I prefer it.

Heels aside, you can’t do shit about your height.

Spend your energy improving what you can control.

Get jacked.

Dress well.

Take care of your skin.

Build your confidence.


Until someone can devise a compelling argument, I remain convinced the reason people don’t live the life they want is because they spend all their energy trying to control things simply impossible to control.

Your height being a prime example.

Why the fuck would you waste valuable mental capacity obsessing over something you absolutely cannot change.

As AJAC stated, you ARE writing your own script for failure.

You can’t control the thoughts, actions, and decisions of others.

You can’t control the outcome of a product launch.

You can’t control your rate of fat loss or muscle gain.

And the list of things you can’t control (yet people still try to) rolls on…

If you want to live on your own terms, build a business that supports and funds your missions, and forge your ideal lifestyle it begins by learning to channel your energy towards controlling ONLY what you, and blocking out what you cannot.

You can control your Decisions.

You can control your Actions.

You can control your Thoughts.

You can control your Emotions.

In other words, you can control your D. A. T. E.

Nothing more.

If you continue flying by the seat of your pants, on the whim of whatever thought, action, decision, or emotion strikes you, you WILL remain where you are, and likely spiral further from where you want to be.

Like I’ve been muttering on about for weeks now, the underling premise of the Sorcerers Guild print newsletter is to help you realize, and grasp the immense amount of control you have over your life, then teach you how to use said control to incrementally, continuously improve your position.

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