Did you miss my big ‘ol bag of failures?

This might be the most well-received email I’ve written yet…

Earlier this week I sent out an email titled “My 4 stinkin’ failures.”

(Search “stinkin’ failures” in your inbox if you missed it)

In a nutshell, the four things I isolated as recent and current failures are:

1. The Sorcerers Guild launch (even if 100 people had joined—which would have been an utterly insane ~30% conversion rate—I still would have found holes)

2. Caring for my own mental health (man, switching off is HARD)

3. Squandering my ability to learn quickly (I’ve capitalized on this to learn what I needed to earn my freedom and build my world, but I haven’t used it to peruse my own interests)

4. Reading as much as I want (some days I swear I’m pushing 50 years old, only wanting to on my couch with coffee, tea, and a stack of books…but business, life, and relationships all must be tended to)

As one does when an email generates a particularly strong response, I studied it. I meditated upon it. I thought about why sharing a few of the areas I’m fucking up, or have fucked up in recently would go over so well.

Sharing your failures is a lesson in transparency, honesty, and prevents you from being put on a pedestal because it shows you’ve been there.

And deep down, whether consciously or not, we all like to see and hear about people fucking up because it makes us feel better about ourselves.

And there’s nothing with that in my eyes. I’m not going to fault human nature.

So, why am I sharing this with you?

1. To show you the value in being open about your struggles, your failures. Plus, if you get a solid response to an email like so, you’ll know that you’re building an engaged audience of people who are genuinely excited to see your name show up in their inbox (call me crazy, but that never fails to be good for business).

2. It’s an excuse to offer you the chance to join The Sorcerers Guild, and start down the path towards building your ideal world.

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Yours sorcerously,

Alexander Mullan

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