Don’t let “Home Depot” trick you into thinking you’re a professional

“You think you can do it yourself…but you can’t!”

…Jerry Seinfeld joked into his mic before pausing to grab a sip of his Voss water.

For my birthday last month, Alicia bought us tickets to see the world’s greatest comedian Jerry Seinfeld when he brought his undying act through Vancouver.

As if there was ever any doubt, Jerry was nothing but gold for the entire show.

From ripping on our current society’s iPhone addiction to poking fun at tuxedos and the general inanity of “going out,” he kept the audience in stitches.

One of the jokes that stood out to me—at least in terms of translating to marketing—was his bit about Home Depot.

You see, Home Depot’s slogan isyou can do it, we can help.”

Jerry maintained that you, in fact, can NOT do it, and most matters of a home projects are best left for a professional.

“Don’t let Home Depot trick you into thinking you’re a professional.

You can buy all the tools you need at Home Depot, but you can’t buy the one thing you need most…s

Ain’t that the truth.

I’m not going to pretend to know the first thing about redoing a bathroom, putting down new flooring, or whatever hairbrained home project might strike my fancy.

I’m going to leave that to a professional.

Because a professional has skill, and they have insight that you simply don’t have.

Sure, you could take the time to learn how to do it all yourself.

But methinks that would take months, even years in many cases to gather enough knowledge to properly take on a home project the likes of which Home Depot lures people into thinking they can do in a weekend.

Now, I like to relate things to marketing, copywriting, persuasion, and business when I have the opportunity.

And this IS a great opportunity.

Because there’s no denying the immense amount of marketing and business information out there.

In keeping with Jerry’s joke, you have access to all the tools and resources you need.

The internet is basically like Home Depot if you know how work the Googler.

But what the internet doesn’t offer so much of are stories, insights, and real-time results.

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