Easing Paul’s concerns

Paul, a prospective Sorcerers Guild member, raises a valid point YOU should consider if you’re on the fence about joining:


“So, my fears are that first, I currently do not have a clear direction of any sort on how to build my own freedom.”


If you’re at the point where you know you want something more…

More freedom, more money, more meaning in what you do…but you don’t know WHAT to do to get there, read on.

First, a few examples of things you can do to start cutting your own cheques –

– Freelance copywriting

– Offering a service (e.g. fitness coaching, style consultations, teaching damn near any skill)

– Creating a course (or any kind of info product)

– Dropshipping

– Affiliate marketing

…and the list goes on.

However, as I and thousands of others have said before, your ideas are worthless without execution.

Literally as worthless as trash blowing around in the streets.

Coming up with ideas is relatively easy.

Executing is a whole other ball of wax.

For example, a few months back in the corner of Twitter I hang out in, EVERYONE was jumping on the dropshipping + building a personal brand train.

The amount of people excited at the idea, and eager to change their lives was interesting to watch.

Because I knew in little as three months we’d see who was serious about their idea…and who would fade away.

Now that the dust has settled, not-at-all surprisingly, the only people still kicking from that particular craze are the handful of guys who popularized the idea in the first place…because they’re the few who actually executed.

So, to ease Paul’s concerns:

– If you do NOT have an idea for how to go about building your freedom and your world, you don’t need one to get started.

As we dive into learning about the marketing and sales aspect of building your freedom, you’re going to learn timeless skills that can applied to literally any idea. And, chances are as you’re challenged to think differently, deeper, and laterally, you’ll start to generate ideas you’re excited to execute on.

– If you DO have an idea and are executing, what you’ll learn over the coming issues will help you earn an income from your idea(s).

Here’s where you can learn more about the Sorcerers Guild (no ideas necessary to begin):


Your headmaster,

Alexander Mullan

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