Exploiting your unfair advantages in life

Let’s chat about your unfair advantage(s):

Y’know, you DO have at least one.

There’s a skill, ability, or talent you possess that even on your worst day…nobody can touch you.

What’s a momentous struggle for others is effortless for you.

You have this—whether you’re aware of it or not.

If you can’t think of what yours is, don’t worry.

I wasn’t aware of mine. So I asked a few people close to me.

The short answer:


“You do the hard, necessary things without complaint, and you make them look easy.

+ You save others from themselves.”


Knowing this moving forward, I will become unstoppable.

Because when you know where you can excel, you can reallocate and double down your efforts on that skill.


So that you put yourself in an unfair position to succeed.

The more unfair positions you can put yourself in, the greater likelihood of success.

Life is not fair. It never has been. It never will be.

If you know that, you also know that you can control how the cards unfold so that YOU are the one with the advantage.

Your unfair advantage.

You cannot beat other people at their game.

Your advantage is not theirs, much as theirs is not yours.

Know yours (you might have many), know them well, and use them with care.

If you’re jammed for what YOUR unfair advantage is, and aren’t sure how to ask, try this:


Pick 2-5 people who you would destroy worlds for, and ask the following:

“Everyone has something they are better at than anyone else. Something that comes with zero effort, and is done better than anyone else. This creates an unfair advantage, and places you in an unfair position to succeed.

Since unfair advantages are typically so effortless they’re done without thought, I don’t have much awareness around where mine might be.

From your perspective, what trait, talent, or skill gives me an unfair advantage and/or puts me in an unfair position to everyone else?”

If you’re asking those closest to you, you will get brutally honest answers.

Do not take them lightly.

While each person will have a unique answer, there will likely be a common theme that emerges.

This theme is your unfair advantage.

Double, triple, quadruple down on that fucker, and use it to leverage yourself into an unfair position.


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