How to dance in the fountains of freedom

“It’s nice being able to talk with somebody who gets it, and is doing this online business thing themselves…”

The words above spilled out of Copy & Coffee student Terrell’s mouth as we wrapped up our weekly call.

She’s not alone.

Neither are you.

Many are seduced into this world of online business by the allure of freedom, ease of entry, and of course, the money.

But the world of online business world can be cruel, and while undeniably worth the tradeoff, there are certain side effects you’re going to have to face.

As with any flavour of business, you’re going to have to do a metric fuckton of work, especially right out of the gate, to get things up and running.

For example, think of a cargo jet. For that 600 or so ton fucker to get up in the air, it has to expend an absurd amount of energy. But once high in the sky, it can flip on autopilot and cruise along with (relative) minimum effort.

When I jumped into the online business deep end I was working 8hrs/day at Starbucks, spending 2-4hrs/day on bodybuilding prep-related activities (training, cardio, meal prep), attempting to hold a relationship together, and cramming in the time each week to write 2-4 articles, daily emails for my list, client programs, and level up my sales & marketing skills. Then, on days off from Uncle Bucks, I’d sit on my couch for 10-12hrs and work.

This meant sleeping 5hrs/night (which nearly put me in the hospital after a few months), and zero time for fun, friends, or frolicking.

Totally worth it.

Then there’s the people around you…

Most people in your circle, including family and long-time friends, won’t “get it.” Chances are, they’ll think you’re nuts, and will simply nod their head in faux-understanding when you try to explain what you’re doing.

If you want to dance in the fountains of freedom, you’re going to have to eat dirt—alone, and in silence—before you earn the right.

And if the people around you don’t understand or support your mission, it becomes your responsibility to find people who do “get it.”

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