How to keep your “idea pot” simmering ’round the clock

When was the last time you had a great idea?

I’m talking aboot the kind of idea that makes you drop your mug of magic potion as you make a mad dash for your parchment to hastily jot down your brain fart before it vanishes into the ether…

You know, the class of ideas you can’t wait to implement into your business (or life) because you KNOW they’re going to generate gold doubloons and/or be FUN.

As a worldbuilder, much of your success relies on your ability to ideate, create, and implement.

Everything you do is rooted in the ideation process.

Whatever form of content you produce, whether it’s emails, blog posts, YouTube videos, a podcast, or graffiti…it all hinges on your ability to transform great ideas from brain burp to reality.

Then there’s your offers (products or services). This email and The Sorcerers Guild newsletter for example are nothing but a continuous process of ideation –> testing –> creation –> implementation.

And of course there’s your marketing. Whichever medium you choose, however you decide to spread your message…it all comes off the back of your ideas.

Your content, offer(s), and marketing…it’s all ideas, mate.

Trouble is, A LOT of would-be worldbuilders think they’re entitled to having great ideas.

I must say, I’m thrilled to burst your bubble here…because you are NOT entitled to great ideas. None of us you, including yours sorcerously.

I remember the days of my OG fitness business, Alex Mullan Fitness Systems, when I couldn’t come up with an idea for a blog post to save my life. As a result, I’d go MONTHS between posts, rarely sent an email, and had a pitiful social media presence.

Contrast that with my second go-around, MASSthetics, where I published an average of 10 articles per month PLUS daily emails, and was active on Twitter.

What changed?

Sure, having more experience and knowledge were part of it.

But what it really came down to was the process I developed for generating ideas, optimizing them, and getting them out into the world (where I then used the feedback to guide future ideas).

And I’ve decided to reveal my sorcerous process for keeping the idea pot simmering (mostly) ’round the clock inside the November edition of The Sorcerers Guild paper & ink newsletter.

To build off how I keep the idea pot simmering, I’m also going to share my “village idiot-proof” method for testing and validating your ideas (to separate the shitty from good from great).

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Yours sorcerously,

Alexander Mullan

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