How To Write Perfectly Persuasive Emails In 20 Minutes (Or Less)

You’ll become a far more proficient and persuasive (email) writer by devoting 20 minutes per day to letting your fingers dance across your keyboard, and dedicating time to honing your copy skills.

A task so simple in nature it drives a dagger straight into the bleeding heart of the most effective way to improve your copy chops and email marketing game.

You see, you won’t become better at writing emails (or any sort of copy) by only writing once or twice per week.

Consider this:

What would you tell someone who believes they can workout once or twice per week, and will achieve the dramatic body transformation they’re after? Or eat “healthy” two days per week and lose oodles of fat?

What about someone wants to become fluent in Japanese, but only practices when Mercury is in retrograde?

Or wants to learn guitar…but only places fingers to strings when they feel “inspired?”

You’d slap them with an icy-cold cloth of reality, and tell them that while they *might* make some progress, it won’t be consistent, or to the degree that they want.

And so it is with your emails.

Yes, it’s a great start to dedicate 20 minutes once or twice per week to practicing your craft.

But you won’t improve by much.

Like increasing training frequency and volume on a stubborn body part that won’t grow, meeting with your Japanese tutor more frequently, or pulling out your guitar to practice (even when you don’t want to)…so it is with your writing.

You must put in the reps on a daily basis. You need to put your mission of becoming a more engaging, entertaining, and persuasive writer on a pedestal.

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