I used to HATE onions and yoga

Are your preconceived notions holding you back from the world you want?

At the ripe young age of somewhere between 7-10 I swore off onions, shrimp, and eggplant (to name a few).

In short, I was a fairly typical kid when it came to food choices.

Honestly, holding onto decisions and preferences made by my less-than-intelligent child brain is one of my few regrets.

Especially when I think of how many delicious meals I’ve likely missed out on in favour of sticking to the “safe” option.

I can say much the same for my experience with yoga.

For YEARS one of my close friends (who actually taught Yoga) kept telling me of the benefits, and how it would help my lifting.

Too little too late…I’d already decided my inflexible meat machine wouldn’t be caught dead flailing about on a yoga mat.

Not now, and not ever!

My meatheaded brain made up its mind, and decided yoga was for hippies, skinny girls, and kumbaya-Burning Man type folk (of which I have nothing against).

That is until December 2017 when I realized I was in entirely too much pain for my ripe young age, and bending over to tie my shoes shouldn’t have felt like a horde of woodpeckers digging into my lower back in search of bugs and worms.

Knowing I still couldn’t be arsed to add stretching into my workouts, I limped to the nearest yoga studio and threw my credit card at them.

$1000+ and creeping up on 100 hours of practice…man, am I ever glad I dropped my misguided preconceptions of what yoga was, and what it could do.

In this case, as it often does, a whole lotta (physical) pain was required before I could admit I needed to do something.

Which is all well and good…but I kick myself when I see how much better my body has felt, the mental capacity + strength I’ve gained, and the transference to my physique yoga has had in less than a year.

I can only imagine how I’d feel, and how fucking thick + swole I’d be had I listened to Julia way back when…

Oh welp.

Something I’ve noticed about preconceptions we’re unwilling to explore, bend, break, or change…is that they’re often the very thing holding us back from the life, the results, the world we want.

I don’t want you to fall into this trap.

Which is why the first issue of the Sorcerers Guild paper and ink newsletter is chock full of exercises to analyze your current beliefs, unearth preconceptions that aren’t serving you…and giving you an actionable plan to bust those fuckers wide open, and allow yourself to grow, and move forward.

If you can get a jump on breaking down the very thing(s) holding you back BEFORE it becomes too painful to not change…imagine what your results will be, and where you could be 12, 6, even 3 months from now.

It’s sobering stuff.

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