I was your typical New Years Resolution Breaker

Did you catch yesterday’s message?
If not, search your inbox for “MSG from Alicia,” then come back to this email, where part two is waiting for you.
Here’s Alicia with Part 2 of her 3-part introduction:
I first began dabbling in sorcery when I learned how to play the violin at the age of 20. Halfway through college I picked up what’s known as the most difficult instrument, and decided I was going to become a professional violinist.
Every music teacher at my college advised me to choose another path, and warned me that I’d never make it. Not with such a late start. Except the violin teacher. She told me that as long as I put in the work, she’d guide me to the job I wanted: a chair in a symphony orchestra.
So I changed my major and finished an A.A.S. in Music. From there I was hired at a small violin shop, finished a B.A. in Music, was promoted to shop manager, was hired in two separate professional orchestras, moved to one of the largest violin shops in the country, and then began teaching violin myself.
I learned countless lessons about changing my habits and acquiring a skill through those years, many of which I passed onto my students.


I’ve since applied those same lessons when I began competing in bodybuilding shows, overcame an eating disorder, freed myself from the shackles of depression, and embarked on my current journey to not only earning, but owning my freedom.
Over the past years I’ve taught these same lessons to hundreds of nutrition and fitness clients.
Lessons which you can learn for yourself, and wield to create your own advantages, and freedom in life.
Here’s one of the biggest:
Over the last decade, I’ve read countless self-help articles, posts, books, and emails on habit-building. I processed the same information over and over again. I made lists of what I wanted to learn, habits I wanted to break, and steps I needed to take.
But I was never able to make anything stick for longer than a month. I was your typical New Years Resolution maker, breaking my diet come February, except the pattern continued all year for me. I’d make a new resolution and then give up my running routine, shop compulsively, procrastinate studying, stay up later than I meant to—you name it, I broke it.
Until I didn’t.
The cycle broke when I learned to play violin at a professional level after dabbling in half a dozen other instruments. Then I stepped on a bodybuilding stage in a bikini after years of struggling with binge eating.
Looking back, there’s been a common dominator unrelated to me each time I’ve been successful at something: every time, I’ve had a network of peers who were learning the same skill, tackling the same challenge.
When you’re a part of a community sharing the same goals, you’ll see and hear what to do and what not to do. Communities offer a forum to share rants, complaints, and achievements, talk about news, products, and events, and gain access to more real world experience than you’ll ever find in a single book. And those same people will light a brighter flame under your ass than an entire burning library.
This is the world you’re going to be able to be a part of when the Sorcerers Guild paper and ink newsletter, and the Clandestine Round Table Facebook group (exclusive to readers of our email list) launch.
Alex here again —


You’re going to have to wait a few more weeks for the Guild, but you only have to wait one day before the Clandestine Round Table opens it’s doors for 72 hours or less (once the Round Table has 20 people in it, we’ll be closing entrance indefinitely, with similar constraints the next time around).


That’s a wrap on part two of Alicia’s introduction, and she’ll have more for you tomorrow, plus a special link for you.
Until tomorrow’s chapter…

_A. Mullan

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