“I’d rather shit in my hands and CLAP…”

Another unsubscribe…

…and another…

oh, there’s another lowly peasant gone…

I’ve had an inordinate amount of unsubscribes over the past few days.

And it’s been making me bloody joyous.

Here’s why:

In the marketing world, the WORST thing you can do is have your audience be ambivalent to your message.

It’s like being put in the business friend zone.

You’re never going to seal the deal, you’ll be expected to supplicate to whatever pleases your audience (rather than tell them what they need to hear), and you’ll get laughed at if you ask for the sale a romp in the sack.

When people unsubscribe from your list—IF you’re emailing consistently and building a relationship with your subscribers (which you should be)—it’s a sign they aren’t onboard with your message.

I mean, if they were truly interested in what you have to say and enjoyed your emails, they wouldn’t leave.

To those peasants who are only on your list for your lead magnet, and not to learn how to solve their problems, begone! And good riddance.

Frankly, I don’t want people in my world who aren’t fully invested, just as I don’t want people to join The Sorcerers Guild but not apply my teachings.

I’d rather shit in my hands and clap than be mired in the business friend zone.

(there we go…paying off that subject line)

This is a train of thought which brings to mind another important point (and a major reason as to why my first fitness business was a grand failure).

When it comes to your marketing, you must know who you’re talking to, and speak to their problems, their pains, and their desires.

When you do this, you’re inevitably going to turn people away…

Which is where the brilliance of polarization comes into play.

Like a magnet, one side is repelled…and the other is attracted.

I have absolutely no tangible proof for this, and the numbers are likely entirely wrong, but it’s the principle I’m about to point that I want you to pay attention to:

For every one person who unsubscribes from your list because of what you’ve said, you’ve bonded (at least) one person to you tighter than they were yesterday.

That is how you build a rock-solid relationship with the (smart) ones who remain on your list, and build a business based on relationships, not transactions.


If this email didn’t make you want to unsubscribe, there’s a space waiting for you in The Sorcerers Guild.

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