Information <<<<< Insight

Check out this tweet I came across earlier this week:


Information = so abundant it’s worth practically nothing

Knowledge = scarce enough to be worth $, price determined by supply & demand, distribution follows a bell curve

Insight = so rare it could be worth a fortune, distribution is fat-tailed and the Black Swan rules


Ain’t that the truth, young Seeker.

Thanks to the wondrous internet, information has proven itself worthless.

You can learn absolutely fucking anything with a few strokes on your keyboard. But what you gain in information, you lose in the ability to discern what’s good information, and often end up being buried in a swamp of misinformation (or too much altogether).

Knowledge, however, is different. Knowledge comes with results, proof of concept, and helps you ignore the overwhelming crush of information and zero in on a specific way of learning/doing something.

An example of knowledge is my copywriting course, Email Imagery 2.0. EI is built on principles I’ve used to earn hundreds of thousands of dollars between my clients and my own projects. That is the proof of concept, results, and is why it carries a $513+ price tag.

Leaving us with insight.

As tweeted, insight is bloody rare.

However, insight happens to be exactly what the Sorcerers Guild paper and ink newsletter is predicated upon.

The lessons inside the stories I’m sharing are real insights I’ve extracted from my unique experiencesin building a business, copywriting, sales & marketing, relationships, earning different levels of Freedom,

These insights are so unique, so rare, that you simply won’t find anything else like them, no matter how many pages of Google results you sift through.

Which is you should make sure you’re on the pre-sale list, so you can be amongst the first to join, and lay claim to a pre-sale list exclusive founders rate.

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