Let’s rewind time by 6 months…

Building high quality relationships doesn’t come from constantly searching for more people to bring into your life.

The quality and depth of relationships that we’re all searching for—you and I included—comes from assessing the ones you already have, zeroing in on the ones you want to deepen, throwing up blinders, and going to fucking work.

You best believe that deepening and enhancing the quality of relationships in your life IS work, and it will take time.

If not daily, at least weekly you MUST make an effort to engage with those you want to be closer to.

Sitting on your heels assuming others will make the effort is foolish, and a perfect example of communication breakdown (which is crucial to the health of any relationship, romantic or otherwise).

Let’s rewind time by six months…

At the beginning of 2018 I felt underwhelmed and unfilled with the relationships in my life.

Sure, I had people I could reach out to, great people I could call “friends,” and places across the continent I knew I could crash it if it came down to it.

Even so, few of these relationships had the depth or intimacy I wanted, I craved.

After enough marijuana and Brand New-fuelled introspection, I realized my core problem—

Despite WANTING deep, high quality relationships, I wasn’t placing much effort into the ones I already had.

Instead, I was operating under the assumption there were more and better people to meet, and when I did, I would experience the fulfilled relationships I wanted.

Again, we have a classic case of wanting a result, and taking none of the requisite actions towards said goal.

lol, wat an idiot.

So, I snapped out of it and began looking at the people who were already in my life and filtering through the network of humans I’d established over the prior two years.

Looking closely, I realized I already had all the people I needed in my life (and then some).

Instead of looking for new doors to open, all I needed to do was turn around and greet the people whom I’d already opened doors with.

That decision has proven to be one of the most impactful of my life.

More is rarely better, and the topic of relationships is no exception.

Audit what you have.

Remove who you deem toxic.

Then go all in on the people who are left—because there the ones who will march through hell with you.

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