MSG from Alicia

Today’s email is sailing in on a different tack.

I’ve spoken of Alicia before, and many of the stories I’ve shared over the past few months have involved her.

After much plotting, scheming, and ingesting potions together, we’ve mapped out how she’s going to have a larger role in the world of the Sorcerers Guild.

Aside from dropping in with the odd email like what you’ll find below, she’s taking point on building the community aspect to the Guild (more on this tomorrow + Monday).

Honestly, she’s much, much better equipped in this lane than I am.

At this point, most of you know my story. Now it’s time to hear Alicia’s, and what this means for you.

Without further ah-dew, here’s the first of Alicia’s three introduction emails.


Whenever Alex asks me where to start, I tell him, “at the beginning.” But the beginning would be far too long of a story to tell right now, so I’ll start with when we met.

I was dragging my suitcase down a dusty dirt road in Thailand, after spending far too long on a flight there from New York. We first met in person on that road, halfway between the airport and the hotel he’d rented the night before.
The first thing he did was hug me.
The only time we’d “seen” each other prior to that day was on a Skype call. We had met on Facebook via mutual friends, and after only a few short conversations, committed to fly halfway across the world to Southeast Asia to live together for several months.
Six months prior I had quit my day job at a violin shop in the San Fransisco Bay Area to launch my online fitness coaching business, armed only with the complete self-assuredness I would succeed.
Rather than ending up with a full client roster, here’s what actually happened:
I learned I had no idea how to attract clients, and while resourceful and knowledgeable, I had little experience as a fitness coach, and no business experience. As a result, I found myself living out of my car and sleeping on friends’ couches while slowly draining the last of my meager savings.
I desperately needed a cheap place to live. Hence Thailand.
When Alex and I went our separate ways after that, I wasn’t sure when I’d see him again, nor was I in a rush to.
At the end of the trip, I flew back to New York, crashed at my parents’ house for the first time in my adult life, feeling like a massive failure and having no idea what to do next.
In my bones, I knew I still wanted to make my fitness business work, but I was painfully aware I had no idea how to do it. Recognizing I needed help, I attended a business mastermind meeting in NYC. If you’ve ever attended such an event, you’ll know one of the biggest sources of value you stand to gain is not the information you hear, but the people you meet.
At this particular mastermind, I met Mike Doehla, the founder of Stronger U, a rapidly growing nutrition coaching company, and joined his team as a coach. I had a deep hesitation about working for someone else, as it meant giving up my own business, but I let my ego go, and took the opportunity.
I gained more than a steady income because of that decision. In the last year with the company, I’ve had the opportunity to help far more people than I initially dreamed of. I have access to the knowledge base and advice of more than 30 other nutrition coaches. I have maintained control over my time (because I dictate my client load), and my location, now having moved, traveled, and explored more of the world in the last two years more than I have in the rest of my life.
Because of the freedom that comes with my “real job” (which still isn’t really a real job), when Alex returned to New York in February and said, “So I guess you’re coming back to Vancouver with me” (another long story for another day), I had the opportunity to say yes immediately, and to pack up and leave within two weeks.
I’ve also been able to use that same freedom to focus on building what I’ve always wanted to: a vehicle to help people think outside the box, and create a life outside the lines, which is what Alex and I are doing with the Sorcerers Guild newsletter.


Aaaand that’s a wrap on part one.

The next chapter in her story drops tomorrow…

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