My Grand Five-Year-Old Failure

My favourite way to spend time on Facebook is scrolling through the ‘on this day feature.’

I find it fascinating to see what stoned-as-a-goat 16yr old Alex would share (typically hip-hop quotes, cryptic half-baked thoughts, and nonsensical ramblings).

But the real reason I make a point of checking out what happened in the past is to see literal proof of how far I’ve come, and how things change over the years.

For example:

A couple days I scrolled through to find a post from five years ago about a group coaching program for dudes who want to jacked, shredded, and tan.

The time coincides when I was in the throes of my first foray into “build an online business and make all the money” land, building Alex Mullan Fitness Systems (yeah, real futzing original name Alex).

As with many first time entrepreneurial adventures, it was a grand, yet underwhelming failure (it’s hard to go out with a bang when you don’t have any momentum to begin with).

Back then I remember operating under the “if I build it they will come” mindset, and that all I had to do was put out a blog post every 3-4 weeks.

lol, wat a bumbling fool.

It’s another case of “if I’d known then what I know now…”

I could have blown that program out of the water, especially since online fitness coaching was the hot new thang back then.

If I were to do it now, it would be simple:

1. Create a free offer worth $50-$75 and offer it in exchange for an email address (this offer would also make joining group coaching the next logical step for people)

2. Be consistent on 1-2 social media platforms (for fitness, Instagram + Twitter)

3. If budget allows, drive traffic to a landing page where I “trade” the free offer for email subscribers

4. Build a relationship with everyone who joins by consistently emailing story-based emails

5. Pick a launch date, build up, and send out a few extra emails offering group coaching


Lemme tell you from experience –

This works a heckuva lot better than making a few half-assed Facebook posts, assuming that because you paid for a website you now have a business, and neglecting to give two sharts about building an email list (which is still the best way to sell on the internet).

Sometimes I still catch myself wondering “what if I hadn’t given up on that business…”

On the other hand, I know that I would not be where I am today had I not futzed up for years or been forced to struggle and fight for what I wanted.

Because now I KNOW I’ve earned my ability to travel at will, wake up whenever I please, have a positive impact on the lives of my Chosen Family, friends, customers, and clients, and quite frankly, I also know that the six-figure income I’ve built is well deserved (for the sake of transparency, I haven’t had a true six-figure year yet, but 2018 is set to shatter that threshold).

More importantly, with the benefit of experiencing these trials and lessons, I can now help you achieve much the same.

Which is exactly what the Coffee Cartel print newsletter is predicated upon.

When the newsletter launches, if you stick around, read, and apply what I teach, you’re going to experience:

— What it’s like to OWN the ability and means to book a spontaneous weekend trip. Do you want to see the Northern Lights in Iceland? Eat pizza in Italy or feast on sushi in Japan? What about walk around the Acropolis in Greece? (The Coffee Cartel will help you satisfy your deepest curiosities…)

— The relentless surge of self-esteem and pride that comes with being able to say YOU built this vehicle that supports your family, funds your lifestyle, and betters your mission (knowing you have the ironclad ability to protect, provide, and nurture for the people in your life who matter most is a feeling that will NEVER get old)

— The means to take taxis instead of a stuffy train or bus, stay in boutique hotels rather than Super 8s, and order as many appetizers and desserts as you want
(being able to order whatever you want to eat and drink without a second thought is delightfully liberating)

Honestly, I’m only scratching the surface with those bullets.

If diving deeper into what I’ll be teaching each month to members of the Coffee Cartel tickles your fancy, click the link below to slap your name on the pre-sale list:

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_A. Mullan

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