My Great Icy Spheres

A few weeks ago after realizing how bloody hot it was getting in Vancouver, and realizing I didn’t own an ice cube tray.

So I did what any young whippersnapper with expensive tastes would do.

I went out and bought one of those fancy silicon molds that allows you to make great icy spheres to add a chill to your beverage of choice.

Without question, it’s been the best $22 I’ve ever spent.

Who knew you could extract so much joy from being able to make giant balls of ice?

I certainly didn’t…until now.

And it doesn’t matter that it’s the most inefficient ice maker on the planet.

It makes 4 balls at a time, takes over 12 hours to completely freeze, and pinning a pig greased up with olive oil to the floor would be easier than removing the balls from the mold.

None of which alters the sheer joy derived from having icy orbs the size of Pluto to drop in my drinks.

Alright, enough ball fondling.

Here’s why these spheres have got my loins frothing—and this is something I’m actively working to apply to the Sorcerers Guild print newsletter, Email Imagery 2.0, and the top-secret project I’m starting on after the newsletter launch (which will only be available to subscribers).

If you can bake enough value, entertainment, and eliminate all buyer’s remorse from your own products…you can damn near charge whatever you want (doubly so if your product/service is *properly* positioned to have a clearly defined, unique mechanism–such as an ice cube tray yielding great icy planets rather than tiny squares of mediocrity).

For example, with the Sorcerers Guild newsletter, I’ll be doing this by not simply giving you ideas and stories, but by offering cold hard action steps at the end of each issue (and sending all subscribers a Guild-exclusive coffee mug to sip your potions and elixirs from).

If ye be interested, you’ll be able to get your mitts on the aforementioned action steps and coffee mug later this month.

Go forth and slap your name on the Guild pre-sale list by clicking the link below. When you do, you’ll gain early access to the launch, as well as receive a coupon for an exclusive lifetime subscription rate.

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_A. Mullan

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