One more delightful tickle…

After two weeks of holding regular meetings at the Clandestine Round Table, a few unsolicited comments have come my way about the pending release of the Sorcerers Guild.

Dan White shares his blue ball woes…


Hola amigo, just wanted to share something with ya. If it’s possible to intellectually cast blue balls on someone your emails are doing just that.


Ben Driver put on blinders…


Focus and keep it simple. Leaving all current coaching groups and dropping out of most email lists to focus on my mission, The Clandestine Round Table and the Sorcerers Guild Newsletter.


And Tom Patel puts the Guild at the forefront of his mission…


Love the emails and can’t wait to make a dime or few from your teachings and the Sorcerer’s Guildness!!!!


I’m not sharing these with you to brag (okay, perhaps a little).

Rather, to tickle your balls a little bit more with the Sorcerers Guild feather…


Because The Sorcerers Guild is nigh upon us.

I’ve dotted the T’s and crossed the I’s for the launch.

The first scroll is ready to ship.

Guild-members mugs have been sourced.

All that’s left is to lie in wait a little longer…

_A. Mullan

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