Pimping Out the Sorcerer’s Guild Pre-sale List

The Revolution I’ve been yapping on about is coming.

And for those curious, I’m going to be yapping about it in much more detail.

In the final weeks leading up to the Sorcerers Guild newsletter launch, I’m going to be sending out weekly updates ONLY to the pre-sale list sharing:

1. The exact structure I’ll be using for the launch (it’s the same one I used to sell out the $350 seats in the OG Email Imagery launch 36hrs before the deadline, and with 7 emails still to send).

2. A one-day coupon code for lifetime savings of $35 per issue (only available to those on the pre-sale list).

3. The neat little human psychology trick behind why I build a pre-sale list before launches (I probably shouldn’t reveal this, but it’s too effective to not share).

4. Advance snippets and previews of the first newsletter issue.

5. Reveal the timeline, steps, and process I followed to take the Guild from brain fart to reality.

6. Access to the Sorcerers Guild launch 24hrs before anyone else on my email list or social media.

Each of the weekly updates will be prefixed with [SG].

Might be worth watching your inbox like a hawk if you’re on the list…

To gain access to the free trainings and discount, click the link below to add your name to the pre-sale list:


(Note: clicking the link above will automatically add your name to the Sorcerers Guild pre-sale list, take you to a clip from Rick & Morty, the greatest animated show of all time, and allow you to gain access to the Sorcerers Guild launch special 24 hours before anyone else on this list or my social media channels does)

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