Raving mad wizard accidentally reveals his first Secret Scroll…

Creating an offer your chosen market is happy to whip out their credit cards for is both as simple and as challenging as it sounds.

Which is where the importance of knowing your market comes into play.


The better you know your market, the better a solution you’ll be able to create.

The better a solution you create, well, what do you think happens when a crowd of people latch onto someone who has the solution they’ve been searching for…?

But, in order for you to get there, you must shift your thinking of how you create and position your offers.

You see, people don’t buy fitness coaching…

They don’t buy anti-wrinkle skin cream…

They don’t buy business advice…

…and they I don’t buy loaf after loaf of plain ‘ol sourdough bread for the hell of it.

None of these products are bought for what they are.

Instead, they’re bought for what they

The “thing” you’re selling is not what you’re actually selling.

What you’re really selling is the desired result (or benefit) the people in your market want.

Using the examples from above…

When people buy fitness coaching, they aren’t buying your nutrition advice, “cutting-edge” training programs or to be told how often they should do cardio.

No…what they’re really buying is the swell of pride and confidence that comes with seeing a dick-skin shredded and/or rhino-jacked body when they look in the mirror.

Same goes for anti-wrinkle skin cream…they’re buying the confidence derived from knowing their skin is on point when they go out for dinner and drinks.

It’s not business advice people are after…it’s taking less time to build a more successful business that’s so valuable.

And I sure as hell don’t buy sourdough bread for the sake of buying bread…I buy it because I love the taste, it makes me feel good, and I enjoy my meals more when I’ve got delicious fluffy bread to go along with it.

Lemme reiterate: you’re not selling your “thing.”

You’re selling the result/benefit your “thing” delivers.

Which segues perfectly into this quick benefit-laden pitch:

I’m sending the second volume of The Sorcerers Guild paper & ink newsletter to my scribe in 8 short days.

This issue is one part “Secret Scroll” titled:

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And for the main event:

How To Create A Low Stress Email-Based Business To Unlock Your First Level of Freedom And Fund Your Worldbuilding Adventures

(without spinning your wheels for months, lighting cash on fire,
or jumping endlessly from idea to idea)

Inside this issue I’m going to show you (using more examples), and give you a braindead simple exercise to help you find the market to serve.

Go on now…the cauldron be a’boiling.

Here’s where to get your Secret Scroll lovin’ before she drops like owl dung:


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